What is Kazakhstan education fair?

This year's event is held for the 7th time. This time we are expecting more than 45 universities from 18 countries. Participants are school and university students all around Kazakhstan, who are interested in bachelor, master, PhD degrees, exchange programs and foundation courses.

The VKEF offers you the chance to meet with students from BIL, NIS, RPMS and other top high schools in Kazakhstan, where English is medium of instruction.

The event is being promoted through numerous forms of mass communication. Marketing channels include local and national TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, text messaging, and internet spots, etc. We also cooperate with local education departments.

The VKEF will bring a lot of prospective students to your booth and offers a wonderful opportunity to network with many consulting agencies, local and international organizations, and foundations.

The photos from the event

Fall 2014-2019 KEF Overview

Number of visitors

  • Almaty - 8464
  • Astana - 9910
  • Atyrau - 2717
  • Shymkent - 1300
  • Total - 22391

KEF - Participants

Over 50 institutions from 17 countries: Canada,the USA,Czech republic,France,Germany,Poland,The UK,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Russia,China,Hong Kong,Malaysia,Singapore,South Korea,Austria,Switzerland,Bulgaria

Visitor interest areas

  • 53% Undergraduate Degrees
  • 19% Master & Postgraduate Degrees
  • 15% High Schools / Colleges
  • 13% Language Schools


Target Audience

High school, College, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Professional, MBA, Graduate.

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